AVA Routines

A routine-building app that caters specifically to the needs of those with ADHD.   Project Span: 6 months (2021) My Role: Lead Designer (UX + UI, Concept Dev, Research, Testing, Behavior Design, Project Management)   Project Focus: Our startup team took a major pivot from our original app which was focused on goal-setting.

My Looking Glass

A social media app aimed at creating a more authentic makeup community experience.   Project Span: 1.5 years (2018-2019) My Role: User Research, Mobile UX/UI (iPhone), User Testing, Concept Development   Project Focus: The goal of this project was to create a new authentic online makeup community. After research, it was


Updating user experience on iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Apple Watch, Google Wear, Chromecast   Project Span: 1.5 years (2014-2016) My Role: Mobile focused Product Design, UI/UX (Concept Development, Flows, Wire Frames, Graphics, Art Direction)     Project Focus: Flightradar24’s mobile design update aimed at fixing immediate UX/UI issues, and additionally focused on bringing

The Flying App

The Flying App combines three main components to become your ultimate companion for air travel: useful, insightful, social.   Project Span: 2 years (2012-2014) My Role: Co-founder, Concept Development, Mobile UI/UX (iPhone), Branding, Graphics, and programming parts of the Data Visualizations.   Project Focus: “The Flying App” started as a graduate project at CIID in