The Story of the Wind

Wearable electronics and the future of story telling.   “The Story of the Wind” was an interactive storytelling project that was put on at Amager Strand, a beach in Copenhagen, Denmark. The project consisted of a “wind dress” that lets you experience an old tale by Hans

The Kowtowing Lamp

An exploration into products that have personality.   As an object, the Kowtowing Lamp functions as both light source and a data visualization device. We decided not to specify the information displayed, imagining instead that people could map data sets of their choosing to the lamp's behavior

Dance Dance Ribbon

Visualizing dance movement by tracking the body with Microsoft’s Kinect.   Dance Dance Ribbon was an exploration of how we can use software as a tool of expression. We focused on visualizing dance by tracking the body of a dancer and tracing their movements with trails of ribbons. Specifically,


Creating community by connecting personal recipes to food available in local markets.    Eatcosystem was an exploration of building a service network into an existing community to boost community ties. Our concept narrowed in on the culture surrounding food, and we aimed at helping people connect their recipes at


Provoking curiosity and imagination through play.   SandPix is an installation that explores the ideas surrounding current and future play spaces. Beyond solving the problems, needs, or issues in today's world, digital technology has a strong role in providing playful, enjoyable experiences. SandPix explores how physical and digital worlds can

Transit Therapy

A service design concept utilizing the everyday work commute as an opportunity to bring together therapists and people seeking therapy in a new way, embracing the car as a platform for tranquility and reflection.   Transit Therapy was an exploration of service design inside the space of

Head-in-the-Clouds App

A playful iPhone app to keep ideas, lists, notes, etc.    Head-in-the-Clouds was created just for fun back in 2011. We were looking for a place to keep ideas, but didn’t want to use the standard note-taking apps out there. Most of these were…well


Jarlene brings the joys and benefits of cloud-based music services to a wider audience. By capturing and identifying tracks from other devices, Jarlene tailors personal cloud-fueled radio stations to match the user’s preferences.   Jarlene was created in 2012 and shortlisted in 2013 for the Interaction Design Association