Creating community by connecting personal recipes to food available in local markets. 


Eatcosystem was an exploration of building a service network into an existing community to boost community ties. Our concept narrowed in on the culture surrounding food, and we aimed at helping people connect their recipes at home to food available at their local market. We focused how this could be accomplished at Torvehallerne, a farmer’s market in the center of Copenhagen. We imagined these recipes to be market-specific, creating and strengthening ties amongst people residing in this location.



How it works:
EATcosystem has a database of recipes created by local users who have shared their recipes. The recipes are all created from foods residing at Torvehallerne. This database is accessed through either a mobile app, website, or a kiosk located at the market. Once users find a recipe, they can print the recipe at home or by using the kiosk at the market. In addition, a list of ingredients is printed along with a map showing which vendors sell these items. In this way, the user has a clear map of how to navigate through the market to get everything they need for the recipe.


The list of ingredients also becomes a punch card. As users navigate from stall-to-stall buying the items on their list, each vendor they purchase from punches the card. This proves that the customer has purchased the item specifically at Torvehallerne. Once the user has all the items on their list punched, the card becomes a discount coupon for a bakery or cafe located inside the market space. This creates a reward system that encourages community and loyalty between local residents and the market.


Creating Ties:

-Recipes that are location specific create ties between people and the market’s space.
-Users take the coupon they earned to buy prepared food at a bakery or cafe within the market. This creates a tie between the vendors that sell produce/meat/cheese and the actual restaurants at the market.
-Vendors have the option to hand out recipes which highlight ingredients sold at their stand, encouraging people to purchase their items, while giving customers inspiration on how to use the food sold here.
-Community is also built online as users share recipes with each other through a website/app.


CollaboratorsAndrew Nip
Special Thanks: Adam Greenfield