Head-in-the-Clouds App

A playful iPhone app to keep ideas, lists, notes, etc. 


Head-in-the-Clouds was created just for fun back in 2011. We were looking for a place to keep ideas, but didn’t want to use the standard note-taking apps out there. Most of these were…well…boring, and didn’t provide a creative space for creative thoughts. By providing a place to both write out thoughts and record via voice recording, we encouraged people to take the time to record their crazy ideas:


“You have lots of crazy ideas, but half the time you don’t ever write them down! In order to take those thoughts to the next level, it is essential to capture and record your ideas. Your best ideas don’t always come during the day when the sun is shining. Our app accommodates by following the time of day, changing the sky from daytime to nighttime. Keep your Head-in-the-Clouds all day long!




 Collaborators: Michael Uffenbeck


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