The Flying App

The Flying App combines three main components to become your ultimate companion for air travel: useful, insightful, social.


Project Span: 2 years (2012-2014)

My Role: Co-founder, Concept Development, Mobile UI/UX (iPhone), Branding, Graphics, and programming parts of the Data Visualizations.


Project Focus:

“The Flying App” started as a graduate project at CIID in Denmark and then spun off into a startup focused on the frequent flyer community. The iPhone app combines three main components to become the ultimate companion for air travel: useful, insightful, social.


It is useful, keeping track of your flight info, providing real time updates, and providing easy access to services needed during air travel. It is insightful, showing beautiful, fun, interactive info-graphics about your flights. And it is social, allowing you to share this experience, stay connected with colleagues and friends who are also flying, and compete to see who has flown the most.


What connected us as a team is a sense of nostalgia for the way flying used to be. Being on a flight used to be a momentous experience; sadly today it has become an impersonal commodity. Our goal with this project was to make the act of flying feel special again and, along the way, to bring some of the elegance and panache back. The app created a buzz amongst the frequent flyer community, and was featured by Apple’s app store.



The process:

The first phase was taking the concept from idea and designs to a functioning beta app. At the start, we decided which content to include based on our personal ideas of what would make up the best flight companion. As we gained users, our focus shifted to the needs and desires of our growing community. We split our goals for features into phases of releases which were all documented in wireframes, descriptions and flow charts.



Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.39.52 PM

Example wireframes



The app was re-designed and re-branded from the original concept. Bringing a nostalgic feel was a high priority, we wanted to take users back to what flying used to be in the Jetset age. In order to do this, we spent extra time on design, creating custom graphics, and custom stamps for user’s achievements made from our real stamps, to ensure a genuine nostalgic feel for our users.




01_cockpit_i5    04_dataViz_i5














05_stamps_i5     06_stamps_detail






Mar. 5, 2014-

Nov. 27 2013- New York Times

June 28, 2013- Fast Co.Design

June 4, 2013- Cool Hunting



Lovie Awards 2013- Bronze Winner for Utilities & Services

Best of Mobile 2013- Finalist

German Design Awards 2014- Nominated

Featured on the Apple store

VIR Association of Internet travel sales- “Startup of the Year 2013”


Collaborators: Markus SchmeiduchAndrew SpitzPanos MeyerGeorg MolzerJohannes LerchSebastian SchusterKlemens Mantzos


d-dataViza-cockpitb-bordingpass  c-dataViz